SBM-TWG May 20,1010
BEE Conference Room

Meeting started: 9:30 a.m.

Present were :

Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz
Ms Marlene Miranda
Dr. Elena Ruiz
Dr. Aurora Divino
Dir. Erico Habijan
Mr. Arnulfo Empleo
Dir. Lorna Dig-Dino
Ms. Susan Carandang
Ms. Eufemia Gamutin
Dir. Rose de Leon
Irene de Robles
Ms. Isidra Afunggol
Ms. Ana Marie Hernandez
Mr. Jonathan Diche
Mr. Dexter Pante
Ms Helena Barba
Sir Rommel Principe
Ms. Ma Lourdes Mariñas
Mr. Nelson Ireland

Agenda :

1. SBM Data-Base update Jonjon Principe
2. Results of the M&E: Issues Baba Mariñas
3. SBM Integrated Operations Manual Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz
4. Roll-Out Plan for the SBM Integrated Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz
Operations Manual
5. Others:

· Memo on Guidelines for DepEd Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz
Representation at the LSB

· Schedule of SBM Activities Baba Mariñas
6. Issuance of DepED Order on National Dir. Lorna Dino/NEAP
Competency-Based Standards (NCBS-SH)
7. Finalization of SBM Training Framework based Dir. Lorna Dino/NEAP
8. Finalize Consolidated Results of SBM Jonathan Diche/M&E
Assessment at School, Division and
Regional Levels
9. Review/reformulate SBM Data Management Dexter/OPS-PDED
System for adoption and endorsement to

Meeting Presided by: Mr. Arnulfo Empleo SBM-TWG Vice Chair

1. SBM Data-Base Update

Jonjon Principe presented on powerpoint the results of SBM Monitoring with the latest reports that have been submitted as of cut-off date May 15, 2010. These results include the reports submitted by the TWG from the field monitoring done in January-February 2010.

· Dir. Habijan: “Inspite of all the trainings that have been done, only 49% have assessed. What happened to all the other divisions?”

Dr. Elena Ruiz: “There was budget given to roll-out and assess but it was not enough. Some divisions had to draw out from their SEF to be able to do so which until now, they find difficult to reimburse.”

· Jonjon Principe expressed concern for data validation.

It was suggested by Dir. Habijan and Irene de Robles that TWG send the data that SBM has to the regions/divisions for them to validate/correct/fill-up. There is an incoming conference for chiefs in Cebu where the SBM Data-Base may be distributed for this purpose.

· Irene de Robles: “How frequent do we monitor?”

Ana Marie Hernandez: “Since there is the AIP, monitoring should be done annually at the school level.”

Dr. Elena Ruiz: “Monitoring to be done every 3 years because of the SIP, preferably at the end of the school year in April”

2. Results of the M&E: Issues

· Baba Mariñas presented a powerpoint on the issues raised from the results of the M&E. (see powerpoint)

· Anna Marie Hernandez read her monitoring report on ARMM.
o No assesment has been done in ARMM.
o There is a new DepED secretary for ARMM.
o Yes, we have good news. There is money available for ARMM DepED. ” and they are waiting for it.

· Elena Ruiz: “Issues on training have been the same since 2 years ago.”

Irene de Robles: “Does that mean divisions have not been doing their job well?”

“Findings must be communicated to the divisions.”

Mr. Nelson Ireland: “Doing ‘Issues’ is a deficit model of M&E. SBM should differentiate its M&E from the others. Concentrate on what’s happening, accomplishments. Shift gears.”

· Ana Marie Hernandez: “Our data on best practices must be fed to QAA and M&E Chair persons.”

Irene de Robles: “No reports are given on best practices. These should be highlighted in our reports.”

Ana Marie Hernandez: “There should be a focus group who would compile best practices, devlop criteria on best practices.”

Irene de Robles: “Develop a distribution system for advocacy materials.”

3. SBM Integrated Operations Manual

(see Dr. Corpuz’ outline on Integrated SBM Operations Manual)

Ana Marie Hernandez: “Include a section on MOOE in the Operations Manual”

Dir. Habijan: “SBM-TWG has to discuss financial matters with the RMM-TWG of Asec. Galvan.”

Mr. Nelson Ireland: “Include School Governance in the manual and all processess must be linked together.”

4. Roll-Out Plan for the Integrated SBM Operations Manual

“The money to support SBM roll-out comes from SPHERE”

Irene de Robles: “Priority divisions need to be identified based on needs.”

Mr. Nelson Ireland: “But BIAP has already been approved.”

Dr. Brenda Corpuz: “Then we prioritize needs among the 50 BIAP Priorities.

There’s been no intense training except those done by NEAP.
We have to do intense training and school heads should be part of the comprehensive orientation part (Activity 2) of the roll-out plan.”

Arnulfo Empleo: “Can we have a mock session?”

Dr. Elena Ruiz: “We can have a mock session then synchronization.”

Dr. Brenda Corpuz: “There is confusuin between

Mr. Nelson Ireland:
PTA is a weak governance model while SGC is a mature model.”

Ana Marie Hernandez: “Why can’t we do a good infomercial thru mass media on SBM? If Brigada Eskwela can do it, why don’t we do it for SBM? Can we ride on to the Brigada Eskwela budget?”

Dr. Elena Ruiz: “Why not do advocacy work to look for sponsors to fund the infomercial?”

Dr. Aurora Divino: “ SBM Media Advocacy is in the Calendar of Activities of DepED.”

Dr. Elena Ruiz : “The advocacy we need is not mass media but in the school level. This is an on-going debate on useles spending money for media versus money spending for school needs.”

“Brigada Eskwela was just for ‘pogi’ points?”

“Can we request TWG Chair to discuss with Brigada Eskwela on possible joint effort with them on SBM advocacy?”

5. Others:

· Memorandum on Guidelines for Representation at LSB

ASec. Malaya has sent his comments on the Guidelines submitted.

SBM-TWG needs to join the workshop that is going to be done on this.

Dr. Elena Ruiz: “Everyone is not doing their job well as of now. Who’s accountable? Make the regions accountable. Reward the good performing directors/superintendents, punish the non-performers.”

Marlene Miranda: “Who should be reponsible for the implementation of the roll-out plan? There should be one person closely monitoring all activities.”

Dr. Brenda Corpuz: “What happened to the scheme where one TWG member = one region? Is there a memorandum to that effect? Where’s the memorandum?

Dir. Habijan: “Who’s orchestrating?”

The DepED Order on the Roles/Functions of SBM Coordinators has been approved.

Helena Barba: “A reprint of Assessment of SBM Practices Manual has been ordered. Proofreading of the third blueprint has just been done and submitted to Lawrian press. A sealed bidding for the printing of the SIP and SGC Manuals will be held May 25, 2010(Tuesday). Distribution is included in the printer’s contract. Manuals will be distributed at the division level.”

Arnulfo Empleo: “Get a copy of the list of those who have received the Assessment of SBM Practices Manual. Who has the list?”

Lunch Break: 12:30 pm

Meeting Resuemed: 1:20 pm

· Schedule of SBM Activities

Baba Mariñas requested specifically Dir. Lorna Dino (NEAP) and Jonathan Diche/Dexter Pante (M&E-TWG) to specify what is the participation of SBM-TWG in their activities so that SBM-TWG may be able to prepare the necessary preparations/paperwork on these in time for its projected timetable.

Dir. Lorna Dino said NEAP will have a Consultative Workshop on the 4th week of June 2010 with primary and secondary level superintendents together with 2 national organizations. SBM may participate provided it has its own budget.

This consultative workshop, she said, may be aligned with SBM-BIAP Activity i.e. Collaborate with HRDS-Personnel on the Revision of Policy on Deployment/Hiring/Selection of School Heads (tentatively scheduled July 5, 2010 in the SBM Calendar of Activities).

Mr. Nelson Ireland: What will SBM-TWG do if its BIAP Plan of Activities SY 2010-2011 No. 1.5.1 and No.1.5.2 don’t happen? There has to be a plan B.

BIAP SBM Activity Plan No.1.5.1 – Monitor the implementation of the Policy of the roll-out and institutionalization of SBM Operations Manual

BIAP SBM Activity Plan No.1.5.2 – Monitor the SBM roll-out plans at Regional and Division Levels

Ana Marie Hernandez: This means that the next SBM-TWG meeting should be an integrated one with all TWGs of the KRTs.”

Irene de Robles: “We should start by meeting with QAA before NEAP’s Consultative Workshop on the 4th week of June.”

6. Issuance of DepED Order of National Competency-Based Standards or School Heads (NCBS-SH)

Dir. Lorna Dino: Draft of DepED Order on NCBS-SH has been done. Please give a copy to SBM-TWG Chair Dr. Quijano.

7. Finalization of SBM Training Framework based on NCBS-SH

Discussion was focused on how to finalize the framework but framework itself was not finalized. The new framework is already based on NCBS-SH. Dir. Lorna Dino has the framework.

8. Finalize Consolidated Results of SBM Assessment at School/Division/Regional Levels

See Dexter Pante’s Powerpoint

STRIVE Data-Base is to be launched in August 2010. It is called eBEIS (Enhanced BEIS)
eBEIS.05 Quality Assurance Information (is where SBM Data-Base is located in the eBEIS map.)

· Data - NAT Achievement Test Results
- SBM Assessment Results
- Individual Schools’ Level of SBM Practice

· Application - Maintain Data Base of Achievement Test Results
- Online SBM Assessment
- GenerateQAA/M&E Reports

eBEIS is flexible and expandable. There’s a module for performance indicators

Irene de Robles: “What about the STRIVE Data-Base System?”

Jonathan Diche: “STRIVE Data Base System is incorporated in the eBEIS Sysytem.”

Dir. Lorna Dino: “Include NCBTS in the monitoring system of eBEIS.”

Dr. Brenda Corpuz: “Which one is to be included in the SBM Operations Manual?”

Dexter Pante: “Include the School Information System (SIS).”

9. Review /reformulate SBM Data Management System for adoption and endorsement to QAA.M&E

Dexter Pante: “To summarize, the following are to be included in the eBEIS System:

1. Capture the use of trainings;
2. Fuse SBM into the eBEIS specially the SBM Assessment Tool;
3.Capture the Beneficiaries of SBM; and
4. Include Noynoy Aquino’s 10 Point Agenda.

Tess Garcia: TSNA meeting in Cebu is scheduled May 25-28, 2010.Who shall be sent for SBM-TWG?

Answer: Ana Marie Hernandez and Jonjon Principe

SBM-TWG meeting ended 2:00 p.m.

Documented By:

Ma. Lourdes Mariñas SBM-TWG PDO IV
24 May, 2010